Be Brave.

Be brave. Even if you’re not, pretend to be. No one can tell the difference.

ā€” H. Jackson Brown Jr.

“You’re so brave” – Everyone who sees parents traveling with young children.
“… or completely crazy” – My standard response with a smile

Is traveling with young children really that crazy? Sure, it can be challenging, and exhausting, and all the things . . . but since when is staying at home easy? Should parents really live in isolation until their children are old enough to “behave” in public?

At 4 months we took our oldest son on a 14 day roadtrip across the USA to our new home in California with a completely loaded down SUV. We literally packed everything we thought a baby might need. If you’ve seen it on a baby registry, we probably had it – toys, teethers, pack n’ play, insane amounts of diapers, a jumper, even a travel high chair. What we didn’t pack for? A mid-trip growth spurt that landed us at Target buying all new clothes and diapers.

We’ve learned a lot since then.

Fast forward 2.5 years, an additional child, and a move to Germany – I recently completed a 14-day transatlantic trip with one suitcase, a stroller, and a carryon backpack. And guess what??? I OVERPACKED!

I hope to inspire more families to get out there and explore by sharing our successes, failures, and a few comedic all-out disasters. Check back soon for more posts about our adventures and lessons learned.

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